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My name is Ruth

I live in Stockbridge, MA, and I am a fully qualified Thrive Programme Consultant and I work in Massachusetts, New York & the USA.
Ruth-Pearce-Headshot-2 About RuthFinding The Thrive Programme has been life-changing for me personally. It has had an enormously positive and transforming effect on my life and those around me. For more about my story, check out the 2 part blog

The Thrive Programme is an empowering and easily understood psychological training course, it will allow you to completely understand and remedy the issues you are trying to deal with, whatever they are.

Please get in touch and we can discuss how The Thrive Programme can help you now so that “you happen to life instead of life happening to you”.
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As a Thrive Programme Consultant, I am bound by the ATPC Code of Conduct and Ethics

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