Can we help you to Thrive?

Can we help you to Thrive?

Sometimes there are periods in our lives when we just feel ‘stuck’. We get to the point where we have to do something about it. We might search the internet for help and find websites – like the Thrive website – which explain how we can help. The next step is meeting the Thrive Consultant you choose. This article gives you a ‘fly on the wall’ view of Sally’s initial consultation meeting (name has been changed for confidentiality reasons) so you can understand what this initial chat is like, and how Thrive Consultants help from that first meeting onwards.

Thrive Consultants are appointed to use their experience and extensive training to help people. We understand:

1.  why people have a problem with something they’re trying to do.
2.  who we can help.
3.  what we can help with.
4.  how we can help.

Thrive Consultants understand

Sally was a lovely lady who visited me in my clinic recently for a free initial consultation. We chatted about her life for about 30 minutes. I listened carefully and recognised some of the effects her emetophobia (an intense fear or anxiety concerning vomiting) had on her life. I also began to understand why other therapies haven’t been helpful for Sally. Now I’m not saying that I understood it all based on listening to Sally for 30 minutes! I could see what was holding her back and I could see how to help her to remove those barriers.

Most Thrive Consultants offer a free initial consultation. This is an opportunity for people who want to move forward in their lives to meet one of us and understand how we can help you.

Sally asked “So, can you help me?” She thought her emetophobia was devastating, so she asked again “are you sure you can help with something this bad?” I was able to answer “Yes”, and I showed Sally the Amazon testimonials for the Thrive Programme which include this, from KirstyR

I had emetophobia for over 20 years, a phobia that developed when I was about 6 years old. Anyone who knows anything about emetophobia will know that it effects every single aspect of your life and is extremely debilitating. My beliefs, coping mechanisms and behaviour had been repeated every day for 20 years and within one month, all of this changed.

Just to repeat Kirsty’s words … “within one month, all of this changed”.

Sally’s initial consultation was typical. A Thrive Consultant will listen and may offer examples of how other people in a similar situation have been helped. Sometimes, they’ll go through a simple questionnaire to show the person looking for help how they can immediately start to change their life.

Sally felt powerless and didn’t see any way that she could change her life. We discussed her options and she agreed that the Thrive Programme would be best for her.

It is common for people to feel powerless with many symptoms. It is the same for those who wants to lose weight or to overcome bullying at work or bullying at school and those who struggle with depression or anxiety: they feel they can’t do it alone.

Our experience tells us that most people looking for a Thrive Consultant feel like this. Respected psychology research agrees. The research calls this your “Locus of Control”. For you and I, it’s that “helpless”, “powerless” or “out of control” feeling. For example, Thrive research tells us that, at the beginning of their training, most people feel their symptoms “significantly” affect their life and they feel out of control in 20 out of 30 of the areas of life we look at. At the end of training, over 80% of people feel that their symptom has “little or no” impact on their life and they feel out of control in just 6 out of those 30 areas.

During Thrive sessions, we help people understand how they can get better. This takes an average of 6 weekly sessions. That means you, like 80 % of others, could learn how to Thrive, and as a result overcome the problem that you’re worried about, in just 6 weeks.

Although the problem is common, the Thrive Programme allows the solution to be customised to suit each trainee. In enjoyable weekly sessions we’ll discover more and more about your beliefs, thinking styles and personality. Thrive Consultants will use examples you’ll understand and give you exercises you can use to achieve what you want and build a strong belief in yourself, strong self esteem.

So who do Thrive Consultants help?

We can help any type of person. I’ve just looked back through my recent clients. All ages (under 16 to over 50) and both sexes are represented fairly equally.

These people were normal people, just like you and I, home-makers, mums, dads, company directors, marketing and accountancy professionals, musicians, models, complementary therapists, hairdressers, PAs, schoolchildren, legal secretaries, business owners, IT professionals, salespeople, shop assistants, building managers, nurses, bank staff.

What do Thrive Consultants help with?

Again, there’s a wide variety of symptoms we help with. Most recently, people who found me wanted help with:

&>  phobias (agoraphobia, cats & dogs, emetophobia, school)
&>  weight loss
&>  confidence
&>  depression
&>  business failure
&>  relationship problems
&>  anger
&>  health anxiety
&>  M. E. / chronic fatigue
&>  public speaking
&>  sexual issues
&>  smoking
&>  stress

Thrive is a really effective way to help with complex problems. Look here to see the testimonials of people who have completely changed their lives because they learnt to Thrive.

How do we help people to Thrive?

During a few short and comfy sessions, we’ll understand where you are, where you want to go and how you can get there. Whatever you want, whatever is holding you back, we’ll look at it together and find a way (or make a way) for you to get the results you need.

Thrive Consultants help quickly and effectively by helping each client to understand their own behaviour. Once you know why something happens, you understand how to stop it and you know your effort pays off, so you persevere, feeling better and better each day, to achieve what you want.

Our methods are all evidence based. In fact the Thrive programme is a really easy way to get the benefit of loads of research papers, without having to read any of them (unless you want to, in which case we’ll give you a copy)!

If you are looking for an understanding Therapist, any one of us would love to talk to you. Give one of us a call to arrange a free initial consultation or click here to find a Thrive Consultant closer to you.

Like many of my colleagues, my initial consultation is completely FREE. You can tell one of us about you and we can explain how we can help. Once you know what’s available, then, whenever you’re ready, you can make a choice.

If you would like to get better, why not pick up the phone and arrange to come and discuss your case in comfort?


Tania Clarke

Thrive Consultant and Blogger


Please watch this short video below:

The Thrive Programme is suitable for all and if you feel that life is merely ticking over for you, The Thrive Programme will enable you to master the skills and resources you need so that you won’t get anxious, stressed or depressed – whatever bumps in the road you encounter. If however, you are already suffering from depression or other mental health concerns (e.g. phobias, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, confidence issues, weight problems, children’s problems, social anxiety). The Thrive Programme is a quick, effective way to overcome these for good in 6 weeks, even if you have found other forms of therapy or treatment to be ineffective for you.
The Thrive Programme is revolutionising the way we create mental well-being.