Changing Limiting Beliefs At Phoenix Bootcamp

Changing Limiting Beliefs At Phoenix Bootcamp

You need three things to achieve long-term fitness and long-term weight loss and Phoenix Boot Camp has them all.

Right mental attitude

Appropriate and enjoyable exercise

Healthy and balanced nutrition

“It is an amazing tribute to all the precise work and background thinking which Susie Sore & Rob Kelly have put into Phoenix Boot Camp that, only nine months after opening in February 2011, it’s already won the National Award for ‘ Best Holistic Boot Camp’.”
So says, The Boot Camp Guru, Graeme Harwood, and having researched every major camp in England he should know.

Graeme went on to say in his review, “Firstly, there’s a warm sense at Phoenix Boot Camp of everyone being together in this project, with and for each other, in one big happy family. All the staff, for example, always eat with you, eating the same meal that you’re having, and they’re out there exercising with you almost constantly, putting themselves through exactly what you’re going through.”

The Phoenix Boot Camp team are all leading experts in their field and came together to help womem achieve their long-term fitness and weight loss goals.

Phoenix founder, Susannah Sore, had been on numerous boot camps but found she would put the weight back on (and more) leaving her feeling powerless in relation to weight loss and her fitness goals.

As she explains, “Women aren’t stupid, we know that to lose weight we need to eat better and exercise more. We also know that, in real life, balancing that equation is far from easy. Often we feel tired or lazy or miserable. We want to lose weight but we can’t change our habits”

Traditionally the boot camp industry has adopted a model through which women will drop a dress size in a week, this approach involves an extreme diet and intense physical exercise. Women do of course lose the expected amount of weight. What is overlooked is the need to change old behaviours and beliefs so that the momentum created can be carried on after the bootcamp, in everyday life. Susie teamed up with therapist Rob Kelly whose unique Changing Limiting Beliefs Programme has already transformed the lives of thousands of people. Together they are challenging the limiting beliefs that women hold about their fitness and weight loss and in turn give them a new start in life.

As Graeme Harwood, puts it, “Based on over twenty years of clinical practice and academic research, Cambridge psychologist Rob Kelly has devised his very own ‘ Thrive Programme for Weight Loss’, which draws principally on the precepts of CLB(Changing Limiting Beliefs). Although he is also a fully-qualified and functioning hypnotherapist, Rob has found that such suggestion therapy is only helpful for weight loss in the short term – but, crucially, not in the long term. Radical and lasting change only happens once you’ve learnt to rely on yourself, rendering any outside help no longer necessary. You have to be seriously committed to change, to realise that only you caused the problems for yourself – and only you can fix them.”

Graeme also has some thoughts on the accommodation at Phoenix boot camp, “The accommodation is great. Apart from its all luxurious pocket-spring beds, Egyptian cotton sheets, designer taps, sauna and so on, this venue really does have a very happy vibe to it – the sort of intangible extra you can’t actually buy. Although there’s plenty of room indoors for activities, you’ll probably have your most fun in the surrounding woodlands, orchards, pastures and streams”

Please watch this short video below:

The Thrive Programme is suitable for all and if you feel that life is merely ticking over for you, The Thrive Programme will enable you to master the skills and resources you need so that you won’t get anxious, stressed or depressed – whatever bumps in the road you encounter. If however, you are already suffering from depression or other mental health concerns (e.g. phobias, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, confidence issues, weight problems, children’s problems, social anxiety). The Thrive Programme is a quick, effective way to overcome these for good in 6 weeks, even if you have found other forms of therapy or treatment to be ineffective for you.
The Thrive Programme is revolutionising the way we create mental well-being.

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