Daily Mirror Lifestyle: The 20 New Year’s resolutions the experts are trying…

Resolution Tips from the experts

Daily Mirror Lifestyle: The 20 New Year’s resolutions the experts are trying…


6) Use positive words

  • Rob Kelly, therapist and creator of The Thrive Programme

“This New Year, I’m going to ‘mind my language’ – that is be more thoughtful about how I say things by trying to be positive in my wording. Our language is hugely powerful. The words that we speak both out loud and in our minds actually influences our beliefs and emotions. If you speak and think negative words, you’ll make yourself feel miserable and stressed, while using positive language can make you feel confident and upbeat. For example, ‘I’ve had an awful day and I’m completely exhausted’ could become, ‘My day hasn’t been great, but I can’t wait to have a nice relaxing bath and early night’.”


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