Reality: It is all a matter of perspective

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larisa-birta-102093-300x200 Reality: It is all a matter of perspective“It is was the most wonderful performance!”

“I was unimpressed. We left half way through.”

How can these be two descriptions of the same musical performance at Tanglewood a few days ago? What was the performance really like?

The truth is it was not really like anything. And each of us sees the same things from different perspectives and that changes the experience of the event. But the reality is really just our reality. The same music can sound good and bad, sharp and flat, too fast and too slow. A room can be small and large, bright and dingy, inviting and off-putting. The same food can taste salty and bland,  sweet and sour, depending on who you are and what your perspective is.

Our own perspective can change depending on circumstances. For example, we think a place to stay is roomy and comfortable when we travel alone and are tired. But the same place can seem cramped and uncomfortable when you are rested and sharing with another person.

Perspective is what makes the same situation stressful for one person and exciting, fun or maybe even just plain boring for another!

Change is Possible

The wonderful thing though, is that we can change our perspective either by our experiences or by our effort. We are not stuck always thinking the same thoughts or having the same opinions. Although some people find this hard to believe. They think that they are always going to have the same perspective. But think about it for a moment, do you have the same perspective now about food that you did as a child? I am sure there are some things that you LOVED as a child that you would not eat now. And there are even more things that you HATED to eat as a child that you love now. I will start you with some examples:

Childhood loves/Adulthood hateslarisa-birta-102093-300x200 Reality: It is all a matter of perspective

Candy, jello, sugar in my tea/weak tea, apples, ice cream

Childhood hates/Adulthood loves

Black tea, spicy food, avocado, grapefruit, broccoli and other vegetables, nuts, bananas, blueberries

Perspectives change, we get more adventurous as we get older, trying new foods and finding we like them. Often when we are young we believe we don’t like something without even trying it!

Perspective on Anxiety

The same is true for anxiety. If the same situation leads one person to feel anxious and another to be calm or excited, then it must be a matter of perspective. And if our perspective about some things can change, then our perspective on all things can change. I know from personal experience and from working with clients, that as perspective changes, anxiety lessens and our world expands!
But it is not always easy to accomplish alone. A helping hand to guide and encourage us, to refocus us when we lose the path, and help us celebrate our successes can make the difference between stagnation and transformation!
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