‘Lucky’ to be on Masterchef? How to avoid luck and build your own self-esteem!

‘Lucky’ to be on Masterchef? How to avoid luck and build your own self-esteem!

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I have recently been following Masterchef and the chefs that have done very well to get through to the final rounds. One lady in particular kept using phrases such as 'I am so LUCKY to get through that round' or 'It's down to luck', or 'lucky to get this far'.

But is it really luck? Who knows. However, as our words betray our feelings such a simple phrase CAN have very significant consequences. When we externalise our achievements, we are basically saying 'luck' did this for us, we didn't do it. The lady in questions isn't processing the fact she has done exceptionally well to get this far on Masterchef. She isn't recognising (in that phrase anyway) her cooking skills, her knowledge, how much effort she has put in, how many people performing in front of the best chefs in the world.

All of that was just pure chance?

Research shows that not only does not processing OUR achievements affect our self-esteem, but even stress levels…

Abouserie (1994) found that university students who believed that they were in control of their situations were less stressed than those who believed their results were controlled by luck or outside forces.

So the next time you are about to say 'I was lucky to get that promotion', instead try saying 'I did well to get that promotion, I've worked hard'..

Richard Parsons

Thrive Consultant, Cheltenham


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