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Are you a smoker? Desperate to quit? You’ve come to the right place

‘Thrive as a Non-smoker’ has a proven 92.5% success rate (download the research paper here). It is THE proven way to give up smoking – easily – for good.

The Thrive Programme takes the power out of the cigarette and gives the control back to you, making it easy for you to become a non-smoker.

If you’re on this website we understand that you are already motivated to quit smoking. And you’re probably familiar with the BMA’s statistics that smoking causes over eighty thousand deaths a year. You will have seen the health warnings emblazoned on every packet of cigarettes you buy, and you may well have already tried – and failed – to quit using some form of treatment such as nicotine replacement therapy, patches or electronic cigarettes (vaping). You might have signed up for ‘Stoptober’, the NHS’s drive to help people kick the habit, but so far nothing’s worked for you.

Thrive-non-smoker-final-cover-222x300 Hypnosis help to Stop Smoking in Massachusetts, New York & USA

The good news is, the Thrive Programme is a quick, easy and predictable way to give up smoking for good. You might be afraid of cravings, addiction, withdrawal symptoms or weight-gain: rest assured that these are all addressed by The Thrive Programme. ‘Thrive as a Non-smoker’ allows you say goodbye to bad breath, wheeziness and that pack-a-day habit and start to enjoy so much more from life.

Thrive as a non smoker…

‘Thrive as a non-smoker’ shows you why so much that you’ve been led to believe about smoking cessation is just not true. The program de-bunks addiction theories, removes fear of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, and makes it so easy for you to become a non-smoker.

The ‘medical model’ of smoking cessation is unreliable and is based on an addiction theory. This addiction theory is widely promoted by the political agenda, and peddled by nicotine companies, but it is not supported by research. This is why you never crave cigarettes in your sleep, and pregnant women find it comparatively easy to give up smoking. If the addiction theory were true, this would not be the case. ‘Thrive as a Non-Smoker’ addresses the root causes of your smoking habit by helping you to better understand your thinking styles.

Within the Thrive Programme we know that the addiction theory just makes it harder to quit, so the program discusses the flaws of this theory, backed up with scientific and neurological evidence, and helps you to gain the psychological skills and resources you need in order to stop smoking for once and for all. The Thrive Programme gives you back control.

What is Applied Positive Hypnosis, and how can it help?

Applied Positive Hypnosis is a new and innovative form of hypnotherapy, which focuses upon genuinely empowering people to transform their lives. This unique form of hypnotherapy forms part of The Thrive Programme. Applied Positive Hypnotherapy is also grounded in the latest scientific research and brings together insights from clinical hypnosis and positive psychology. Many hypnotherapy sessions are shrouded in mystery and, although they may help an individual to reduce their symptoms, the person is left with the disempowering belief that the hypnosis or hypnotherapist ‘magically’ cured them. This leaves them reliant on a therapist to overcome psychological symptoms and problems in the future. Applied Positive Hypnosis comes from a different direction, dispelling the myths surrounding hypnosis and clearly explaining to you how hypnosis works and can be used to help you.

Applied Positive Hypnosis draws from The Thrive Programme and focuses upon enabling people to build an internal locus of control, which is the belief that you have the power to shape your life, achieve your goals and overcome setbacks. Sessions are centered upon teaching people important psychological insights and skills, so that they build self-esteem and resilience and are better equipped to face challenges. Hypnosis is used to help provide relaxation, reduce anxiety and to help individuals to visualize and rehearse successful outcomes in desired areas of their lives. As part of the process, clients are taught self-hypnosis, enabling them to help themselves and maintain the benefits of a hypnotherapy session. Applied Positive Hypnosis can enable people to make significant positive changes in just a few sessions.

Reduce your risk of disease, cancer and premature death by booking up a ‘Thrive as a Non-Smoker’ course today. The course consists of 1-3 sessions – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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