Thrive programme for emetophobia – new research proves success!

Thrive programme for emetophobia – new research proves success!

We have recently been conducting a follow-up survey for sufferers of emetophobia (a fear of being sick, sometimes called SPOV – a specific fear of vomiting).  Here are the preliminary findings. The survey and the results will be discussed in detail in the new ‘Cure yourself of emetophobia & Thrive’ book, which is due out next week.

We  had a very good number of replies – 34 – which is almost five times larger than then next biggest equivalent study (exposure therapy) which had just 7 participants.

31 of the participants when through the Thrive Programme with the help of a consultant, and the other  three studied the Thrive book at home.

Here is the basic data:
1. Participants were: 32 Female, 1 Male
2. Average age was 35.5 years old
3. Average age of onset was 11.4 years old
4. The average number of sessions needed was 6.4
5. Every participant stated their issue had a ‘severe impact’ upon their life before Thrive
6. Post Thrive, 29 participants stated their issue had ‘little or no impact’, whilst the other four stated ‘modest impact’ (the next level up)  The levels went:  little or no impact, modest, significant, severe.
7. Average LOC score before thrive was: 24.7
8. Average LOC score post thrive was: 4.8
9. Average self esteem score before thrive was:  14.6
10. Average self esteem score post thrive was: 3
11. Average social anxiety score before thrive was: 16.5
12. Average social anxiety score post thrive was: 3.6

We developed a new scale and called it ‘ESS’ – the emetophobia severity scale – which comprised 30 questions. 10 on anxious cognitions, 10 on avoidance, and 10 on social anxiety – all surrounding sickness.

13. Average ESS score before thrive was: 24.2
14. Average ESS score post thrive was: 5.6

We collected all the date from all the above tests, so this is just a brief outline of the general outcomes.


Rob Kelly


Please watch this short video below:

The Thrive Programme is suitable for all and if you feel that life is merely ticking over for you, The Thrive Programme will enable you to master the skills and resources you need so that you won’t get anxious, stressed or depressed – whatever bumps in the road you encounter. If however, you are already suffering from depression or other mental health concerns (e.g. phobias, anxiety, stress, eating disorders, confidence issues, weight problems, children’s problems, social anxiety). The Thrive Programme is a quick, effective way to overcome these for good in 6 weeks, even if you have found other forms of therapy or treatment to be ineffective for you.
The Thrive Programme is revolutionising the way we create mental well-being.

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