Thrive Student Overcomes Epilepsy

Thrive Student Overcomes Epilepsy

Thrive Programme Student combats Epilepsy
A young lady called Kelly consulted me in 2010 with unexplained Epilepsy, anxiety,  social anxiety and  wanted to know if I could help.  She had been suffering from this debilitating condition for the last 4 years during which she had several seizures each day and no medical tests she had undergone were conclusive.  As a result of Epilepsy Kelly was unable to go out unescorted, was living with her Mum and had lost her job, was unable to drive and her life had become very restricted and her fear was that she would never be able to do anything on her  own again.  When I recommended the Thrive Programme, Kelly was at once extremely enthusiastic and she approached the learning with dedication, she did everything which I asked her to do in between sessions and completed all of the excercises willingly, knowing that she had a chance of learning how to change her life.

Very quickly after session 1 Kelly got on a bus on her own for the first time in 4 years, further down the line she made a decision to move in with her long term boyfriend and plan their wedding.  The last time I heard from Kelly she was applying for her driving licence with her Doctor’s permission, had got a job and was enjoying life once more, more importantly the seizures or fits were a thing of the past, she hadn’t had any at all from session 2 onwards.
You can read Kelly’s testimonial below.

My view as Kelly’s Thrive Consultant is that she gained so much understanding and insight into why she was creating the Epileptic episodes that she was then able to stop it from happening by changing her behaviours  increasing her self esteem, her confidence and outlooks or perspective on the situations or challenges  which elevated  her  stress levels causing her to create the seizures.  Her previously External Locus of Control became far more Internal which now allows her to make the most of every opportunity and build a more independent and successful life.

Dear Pat, I just want to say thankyou for helping me help myself, really has been such a huge help in changing my life arround. I can now do the things that i wouldn’t of done before i came to you.

Before i came to get help to help myslef, iam a known epyleptic which used to have arround 3/4 seizures a day. I never went anywhere without anyone with me due to having been told 4 year ago not to be allowed on my own as i couldnt be trusted and i was a danger to myself and others.

So for 4 years i have gone everywhere with someone, not even to the bathroom in a public place on my own. After the years went on i made myself have an anixety problem of not going anywhere without someone, if i did i would proberly have a fit and get very worried and stressed. (which is the overall cause of my epylepsey)

I have become very tired and not happy with where things were going so i saw the add in the paper and i rang Pat, and she phoned me back . i had a sigh of releive when she said she could help me….

i went to see Pat which may i say is very calm and professional and understanding, the room you sit in together is calm and very soothing even music to help you relax.

I went through a course of changing limited belifs  which is so down to earth as you go through and really does make a difference to your life if you go through properly and want to change….

i would and have been recomending hypnotherapy to people and to anyone that feels they would like to try, as i have and now ive been seizure free for four and a half months. only a few blips in public places but i always result to my course and i get through with no problems.

If i didnt look through the paper that day i would be still having someone by my side instead of looking foward to having my driving licence…

Kelly W

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