New Perspectives, New Experiences, More Enjoyment!

It can be hard to imagine what thriving feels like when you have been struggling for a long time. And once we are thriving it can be hard to remember what NOT thriving felt like. We lose track of how far we have come. I really try to notice how thriving feels now – and be grateful for it. I would love to hear about how others are thriving, but for those of you who are struggling, I hope it might help to see how my life has been transformed and offer you hope that yours can be too!

For years, social anxiety prevented me taking and posting photos of myself. Well, as those who follow me on social media can attest, that has gone out of the window! I have even started taking selfies because I want you to know that it really IS possible to THRIVE! You can get over your phobias, anxiety, and depression just like I did! I struggled for more than forty years. It is never too late to learn new ways of thinking and take back control of your life!

Generally, I post about places I travel to, conferences I participate in, people I meet and new things I am doing, Today is a little different as I am posting about thriving in a hospital!

A little background for today’s strange post – I am fascinated by medicine. I love medical shows on TV and movies about doctors. When friends are going through medical issues, I jump right in and research. BUT I’ve always been TERRIFIED of hospitals, I hated to take medication because of side effects, and would do practically anything to avoid having a procedure myself. I always believed that if I had a serious illness I would give up, not fight and certainly not get treatment! Now I know that life is too precious, there are so many things that I still want to do, and I will fight to live as long as I can!

In the U.S., those of us who are fortunate enough to have good healthcare, are offered more and more tests and checkups to make sure that we are healthy as we age. Last week, I had a routine procedure. It involves some unpleasant prep (that comes with side effect warnings!), fasting, waiting around in a hospital waiting room, then pre-op, sedation, pain Meds, waiting in recovery and realistic risks of being exposed to that which I used to most dread.

For those reading a story of mine for the first time, I was emetophobic – afraid of people vomiting. This is a relatively common and yet little heard of phobia. Indeed, my nurses that day had never heard of it. The reason we discussed it at all though was not that I was freaking out! It was because I was explaining how it is that I came to be a Thrive Programme consultant, coaching people to overcome anxiety, depression, and phobias.

Anyway, today I was happy. Happy that I have access to this potentially life-saving procedure and even happier to have the whole experience. I will say that again. I was happy having the procedure, meeting the medical staff, and getting myself properly checked out.

Previously a visit like this – if I even made it to the waiting room – would have involved days of obsessing and worrying about everything that might happen, extreme anxiety about taking the medication and doing the prep, my husband talking me into going to the hospital at all, and a great deal of foot tapping, pacing, and complaining!

This time was different. The day before I enjoyed a concert on the lawn at Tanglewood, I watched some TV and did some writing. On the day of the procedure, I met Barbara at the reception. She asked, “how are you today?” I answered “great! The worst is over, and in two hours I can have something delicious to eat!” She laughed, that was not the answer she was used to early on a Monday morning!fullsizeoutput_e23-232x300 New Perspectives, New Experiences, More Enjoyment!

When I was in pre-op, I greeted all the nurses and doctors that were treating me and anyone else who happened to be around, with a big smile. I joked with my medical team. I even got to indulge my medical curiosity by watching the procedure on the monitor! Instead of needing double doses of medication to get through the whole thing, my doctor gave me a REDUCED dose so that I could be awake and see the whole thing!

I like my Thriving life so much better than I liked my old life.

I have this selfie of me in the waiting room. I didn’t get to take any other pictures. But when I am asked how the Thrive Programme helped, this is an example of how transforming it is.

Thank you, Rob Kelly, for creating the life-changing Thrive Programme!

I know what it is like to be paralyzed by this phobia. I trained as a Thrive Consultant so that I could help others thrive too. It’s not just for emetophobics, it’s for anyone with anxiety, depression or phobias or who just wants to learn how they can be the best they can be!

Let’s set up some time to talk about how I and the Thrive Programme can help you or someone you know. It is time to start your THRIVING life!
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